Information: Tropical Storm Harvey is a Tropical Cyclone that has recently crossed the Yucatan Peninsula and reformed in the Southwestern portion of the Gulf of Mexico. The Cyclone is on a path to directly impact Houston, TX and possibly continue Eastward into Louisiana.

Timetable: Tropical Storm Harvey is planned to make landfall in Southeastern Texas on Saturday, August 26th with the possibility of landfall in Louisiana on Sunday August 27th.

Activation Status: Tropical Storm Harvey is currently an Active Event in the JSOP Personnel Management System, any information regarding checkpoints or access levels will be communicated as soon as they are available. Any active checkpoints will be operated by the Louisiana State Police in addition to supporting law enforcement and military agencies.

All Activation is currently locally centered in various parishes based off of severe flooding and/or wind damage.

Other applicable events for Tropical Storm Cindy:

  • LA - All Events
  • LA - All Hurricanes
  • LA - Tropical Storm Harvey

Activation Note:

The ER-ITN Access Program will try to provide information as soon as possible regarding possible access and checkpoints. Please keep your placard with you when in transit as a precaution in case the information is not made available in a timely manner

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions Section and the LSCAP and MEAP sections for more information regarding how the program operates.