TruEntry Registration Process

 Step 1: Registration                                  

The first step in joining the TruEntry Access Program is Registration. The registration process requires you to fill out a quick online form that indicates basic information regarding your organization and it's reentry access needs.

Once you have submitted your registration, a support representative will send you an email and, if needed, can assist you with the last two steps.


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Step 2: Enrollment and Verification                 

The second step in joining the TruEntry Access Program is Enrollment and Verification. The enrollment and verification process requires you to submit your personnel's basic information so they can be verified by the TruEntry Access Program. This information is most commonly submitted through an Enrollment Spreadsheet but we do offer other enrollment options for organizations over 100 personnel.

 Note: We do not share any information we receive with any 3rd parties (See: Privacy Policy)

Download Enrollment Spreadsheet


Step 3: Access                                  

The final step in joining the TruEntry Access Program is Access. Once you have enrolled your personnel and had them verified you will receive the access credentials for our online personnel management system: the JSOP Tool. The JSOP Tool will allow you to create your reentry documents and manage your personnel from your office.

Once you've completed these three steps you can always go back and add or remove personnel or make any changes to your system in order to make sure your reentry access is as smooth as possible. 

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